My consulting practice exsists because there's nothing I enjoy  more than having order-of-magnitude impacts on businesses like yours. I'm especially well-suited for marketing initiatives where there are strong technical components to your product/service and where audiences must be guided into new understandings and beliefs. I offer innovative thinking, practical execution and a total commitment to your success.

About You

As a leader in your organization, you have faith in what you offer and understand that, in order to succeed, you must both identify and make smart marketing investments. What's more, you’re ready, willing and able to allocate the resources necessary to achieve your desired results. You’ve arrived here today because you're looking for a smart, capable ally to help you plan and guide your marketing strategy. 

About Me

I'm an author, speaker, educator, and expert-level consultant in the areas of marketing, communications, human-computer interaction, and consumer experience design. I've built and led world-class teams that have formulated and executed critically acclaimed, high-impact projects for cultural institutions, advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies for almost two decades. I've won several prestigious international awards and am the author of the groundbreaking, award-winning book, Train of Thoughts: Designing the Effective Web Experience (New Riders, 2002), which laid out the course that interactive marketers have taken for the past decade and beyond.

My Commitment

Contact Me and (at minimum) I will do three things for you:

  1. Give you the clearest picture possible of the market opportunity before you
  2. Help you properly determine and achieve the optimum lifetime value for your consumer relationships (CLV)
  3. Conceive of and help create best-in-class consumer experiences at every point of consumer engagement and interaction


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