I offer Consulting Engagements, Webinars, Workshops, and White Papers covering topics closely related to my “3-Dimensions of Smart Marketing” process discipline:

  1. Comprehensive market opportunity analysis
  2. Systematic consumer relationship mapping
  3. Sound experience design strategy

My objective is to help you achieve your overarching business goals. I do this within the context of three engagements: Focus, Formulate and Facilitate.


While all businesses must expend resources on marketing, very few take the simple step of qualifying their budgets with unbiased, outside experts before launching initiatives. This leads to uncertainty, doubt and blown opportunities.


This is my "up-front work" with clients. The outcome of this engagement is assurance that you, as a business, understand every aspect and dimension of your market opportunity and how to go to market competitively, efficiently, and successfully.


This is my ongoing work with you that allows me to evaluate, guide, and refine the efforts set in motion by the marketing plan that I helped you formulate. I work closely with your team to ensure that the implementation both meaningfully aligns with and tactically adapts to real “situations on the ground” in your market space, so that you hit your targets and effectively move consumer relationships forward through successive milestones.

Request a free initial consultation today and let's figure out together how you can compete to win in your market.

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